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Is your leg discomfort stressing you out?

Have you been putting off doing something about the poor circulation symptoms in your legs? Think back to the first time you felt that niggle in your legs. You may have passed it off to tiredness or over exertion. Maybe you thought that it could just be a passing ache or itch from sitting with your legs crossed at your desk, or some swelling from being on your feet the whole day. You try to forget about the discomfort and hope it will pass. 


If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It’s natural to feel anxious about any health concern. When faced with a potential problem we may want to brush it off and stay in denial for as long as possible.  Why do we procrastinate when it comes to supporting our leg circulation?

Leg Health - Venavine

Let’s face it, it’s kind of tough to get to the point of accepting that you have a leg health concern since our legs play such a huge role in our daily activities. Once we acknowledge its existence, we need to face what this will mean for us going forward. Thinking about old habits we need to change and new selfcare habits we need to adopt may leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. 


Many women who have only taken steps to support their leg health once their symptoms have intensified, admit they wish they had done something sooner. Taking charge of caring your leg health, even if it’s one step at a time, can go a long way to decrease your stress levels and like others, once you experience relief, you too may wonder why you didn’t act before.

Be proactive and do something about your leg health today! Choose one or two healthy leg tips from our Venavine® website articles to add to your daily selfcare routine. 

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*For a diagnosis or if symptoms do not improve after two weeks (2) weeks of Venavine® use, consult a medical practitioner. Long term use is possible with consultation with a doctor.