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Take Summer in your Stride with 3 Top Leg Health Habits.

Ah, the thought of summer! Maybe you’re thinking about a lazy hot day lounging by the pool with your legs stretched out, or your head is on a buzz with social activity in the summer sun.

Sometimes we can take summer to extremes, either overdoing activity, spending too much time in the sun, or just lazing the day away with the air-conditioner on. To help you find the happy medium here are 3 healthy leg habits to help you take summer in your stride.

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1. Keep it cool

Too much heat exposure in summer can affect your circulation and lead to swollen legs so take it easy when the heat is on. Give your legs snippets of sun if you’re lazing around and wear clothes with cooling fabrics like cotton and denim if you’re on the go.

Always have cool refreshing water nearby to stay hydrated and by improving blood flow throughout your body.

Keep your Venavine® Intensive Cream in your handbag. If you experience leg pain or aching legs, rub in some cooling relief, and relax for a moment while the cream works to improve circulation in the area. There’s a reason it’s called ‘Intensive’!

2. Diarise a little leg activity every day

Warmer weather provides an opportunity to plan a short walk to enjoy summer scenery. A little can go a long way to get the blood flowing in your legs. Set aside 5 to 10 minutes of leg activity a day. You can even do some leg stretches inside and look out a window if outdoors is not an option. Take in the blue sky and stimulate your creative thinking!

3. Give your legs the support they daily support they deserve

Look before your leap into the first pair of fashionable shoes you see this summer! Choosing comfortable summer shoes can go a long way to support your circulation. Go the extra mile and find fashionable and comfy shoes. The leg and foot comfort you experience will be worth the extra effort and investment!
Finally, there is a must have to add to your daily supplement list. Support your leg health from the inside with Venavine® Capsules. Simply get into the habit of taking 1 capsule daily to help promote healthy leg circulation and get multi-action relief for heavy, tired, achy and swollen legs.
And the only thing left to do is enjoy taking summer in your Stride!
The Venavine® Team. With you every day, every step of the way.