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Leg Health is important for men too!

Guys, do you have one of those intense workout routines? Do you work “on your feet” all day? Do you spend time hunched behind a desk, office or computer screen? If yes, you are likely to be troubled regularly by swollen, painful, heavy, tired legs, cramps, varicose veins in the legs, itching, as well as tingling ‘pin and needle’ sensation in your legs, feet and toes.

“So, what’s the connection?” you might ask. Poor blood circulation and it affects men too! Common contributing factors include genetics, being overweight, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, exposure to heat and strenuous work or intense exercise.

When it comes to leg health support, you need think outside training them for overall physique or fitness.

3 Tips to help you take charge of your leg health today:

  1. Wear proper fitting footwear with good cushioning, arch support and shock absorption. You can also purchase insoles for this purpose as well. A breathable fabric is a bonus.
  2. Correct your leg posture when sitting, standing or resting. Relax your legs; keep them parallel with your weight evenly distributed on both legs. Position your legs so your feet are flat and firm on the ground to reduce strain on your knees, ankles and leg muscles. Do not cross your legs. Crossing your legs cuts off circulation to your feet and lower legs and messes with your body’s symmetry.
  3. Make self-care part of your daily life. Self-massage can relax and stretch muscles, ligaments, tendons all over the leg and improve blood flow. These actions better prepares your legs to function safely, so you reduce the potential for pain or injury. Take a VENAVINE® capsule every morning to support your internal circulation and VENAVINE® Intensive cream to relieve symptoms into the affected area.

Your legs are the pillars for a healthy body. They carry you everywhere and keep you going throughout the day, so you should give them extra support.