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Top 4 list of myths and truths about leg problems!

There are many superstitions and myths surrounding leg problems, but what really is the truth?

No. 1 MYTH: Leg weakness is just a fitness problem, not a health issue.

TRUTH: Not always. Poor leg circulation is not a medical condition in itself, but may signal underlying health issues that require treatment. Elite athletes are extremely fit and follow a healthy lifestyle and dietary regimens to optimize performance, yet they still suffer from swollen, painful, heavy, tired legs, cramps, varicose veins in the legs, itching, tingling ‘pin and needle’ sensation in their legs, feet and toes.

No. 2 MYTH: Leg problems are a minor annoyance that require leg rest or sleeping it off.

TRUTH: Not always, leg symptoms often get worse at night when you lie down or sleep. The unpleasant leg symptoms start or become worse when you are sitting, standing or trying to relax. Part of the problem is that symptoms differ from person to person, and it can be tricky to describe, as most signs are invisible to the naked eye. Yet, they can affect quality of your life, ability to function day-to-day, dress code, exercise routine and health.

No. 3 MYTH: Leg symptoms are normal and affect ageing adults.

TRUTH: Whilst poor circulation is common in old age, but it can also occur in younger people. Other common triggers besides natural ageing are family history, being overweight, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, exposure to heat and strenuous work or intense exercise.

No. 4 MYTH: Self-care is selfish or self-indulgent.

TRUTH: The mantra “treat yourself” may come to mind, but during times of tight budget, high stress and uncertainty, practising self-love can seem expensive, selfish, wasteful or silly. Research shows that self-care experiences enhance your health, happiness, day-to-day activities, longevity and lower stress. You have heard the saying that your health is your wealth, so invest in yourself and self-care routine.

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