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Wondering why you suffer with swollen legs in Summer?

If you suffer from swollen legs in summer, it can be an embarrassing, disturbing experience, not to mention a painful one too.

The problem occurs when your blood vessels dilate due to heat, which allows fluid to build up under your skin. The condition is known as heat oedema* and it’s more likely to occur if you are older or when you are exposed to more heat than you are used to, like on your summer holiday.

Here are some 3 ways to get relief when your legs are swollen.

Summer Legs | Vena Vine
Swimming Under Water

1.Elevate your legs. Raise your legs to help boost circulation and return fluid to your blood vessels. If you can do so, raising your legs up against a wall can be especially helpful.

2.Cool down. Move to a shaded or air-conditioned area. Avoid excessively hot showers/baths and saunas which can aggravate the swelling. Rub in some cooling relief with Venavine®

3.Remain active. Be careful not to overuse your legs on a scorching hot day. Rather do moderate exercise like swimming in a pool during a cooler time of the day to help get your circulation going and the fluid flowing again.

If you have had swollen legs during summer before, be proactive. When you plan to spend time outdoors, seek out a shady spot where you can relax where you can escape the heat.

Support your legs with compression socks to help avoid swelling, boost blood circulation and prevent fluid build-up. Buy some fashionable-coloured compression socks and get funky with your leg support!

Take a Venavine® Capsule daily to promote circulation. Like you take supplements to support your wellbeing every day, you can support your leg circulation in the same way.

If you haven’t tried Venavine® Capsules keep in mind that the active ingredient works over-time to relieve painful, swollen legs. Join the many SA women who have committed to caring for their leg health.

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*If symptoms do not improve after two (2) weeks of Venavine®use, a doctor or a qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted as swollen legs can also be caused by conditions other than heat oedema caused by poor circulation.